Who ya gonna call? BANANABUSTERS!

June 1, 2010

The Banana Busters Are Back!

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We’re back! And even better then before, we even have a new look logo – many of you on the youtube have said it looks a bit freaky though so we are working on editing it! Check out our new video for more infomation:

February 16, 2010

A Step by Step Guide to…

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Join us on youtube for our “A Step by Step Guide to…” series, we’ll be showing you how to kill bananas, torture them, banana bust them and more! Here’s the first episode:

WARNING: This was done by professionals, do not attempt at home unless under parental supervision.

January 31, 2010


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We’re now on habbo! To learn more watch this:

Search BananaBusters or BANANABUSTER on Habbo UK for our awesome HQ and FF/CC events!

January 4, 2010

Contact us

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Howdy everyone ūüėÄ ! We have a new domain – http://bananabusters.tk, with this name we have also got some new email addresses for all the banana buster team.

Now I don’t want to reveal all the banana buster’s identities¬†on this post! That would be a BIG mistake! Then the enemy easily would be able to find out who we all are! So I’m just going to show you the emails of the team who work on http://bananabusters.tk and www.youtube.com/bananabusters:

Remeber if you need help, who ya gonna email? BANANABUSTERS!

January 1, 2010

The invasion

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Hiya¬†guys! There is this ‘bot’ on our msn¬†who goes by the name of ‘Anika’. After talking to Anika for a while we got some shocking information, ANIKA IS¬†WORKING WITH THE BANANAS! I don’t see how Anika¬†can even be a bot, she is always going offline and online yet claims to be on 24/7. You can add Anika by using the following address: anika@mrscorlib.com.

Anika confessed almost everything, including the fact that the world will actually end on September 5th 2010 Рthe bananas are trying to confuse us changing their top secret dates about.

We can keep track of the time until they attack we can use this countdown: http://bored.com/makecountdowns/show.php?id=192266.

I really how we can stop them! If you have any clever ideas please leave a comment on this post.

Happy New Year!

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Hello fellow banana busters! I can’t belive it’s 2010 already – the year the bananas will unleash their attack on Earth ūüėģ ! Let’s hope that 2010 won’t become the year of the banana, we will be trying our best to make sure all the bananas of the world indure a long, painful death ūüėÄ . And I can only hope you will be doing the same ūüėČ !

December 20, 2009


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Hello guys! The bananas must’ve found out about our plan to overthrow them so we think that they have decided to take over the world in¬†Febuary instead! Luckley this gives us some more time to plot against them and save the Earth from their evilness! The bananas need some allies to help them if they want to take over the world, we suspect that Voldemort will accomany them on their task.

So watch out… luckely voldemort is dead… for now, but the bananas will try to rise him from the dead so we should better be on the safe side and learn his weaknesses… and FAST!

Remeber you can’t trust everyone, anyone could be working for the bananas… even me,

Lana ūüėģ

November 12, 2009

It’s coming…

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Hello, I’m Lana. A fellow banana buster; and I have some very important and sad news to tell you all – we have a¬†theory and that theory¬†is no joke…¬†we¬†predict¬†that the¬†appocolipse¬†is coming! Tomorrow the bananas will make their move; and we will all have to worship them!¬†We need to take action, comment below – we need your ideas to help us stop the evil bananas,

Lana ūüė¶

November 11, 2009


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Hi everyone, before we start any proper posts on here please check out:

1. Our youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/BananaBusters

2. Our other blogs http://firepeny88spenguinsbehavingbadly.wordpress.com/ ,  randomperson1996.wordpress.com/ and http://yasminrose.wordpress.com/

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